The Foundation joins together students, educators, parents, and community leaders to help transform the Madison public schools from great to extraordinary. Through innovative, creative, and promising grants, programs, and community partnerships, FMPS works to sustain and extend the excellence of Madison’s public schools, inspiring every student to excel.


Peg Keeler, Retiring Principal of Leopold Elementary Reflects on Her Community Partnerships
Peg reflects on the support she has received through the Foundation’s community partnerships during her 33-year career with Madison Metropolitan School District.
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Strategic Investment


Every year the Foundation awards grants to fund creative and innovative programs that are not otherwise supported through the core school budget.
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District Priorities

The Foundation is focused on working with the Madison Metropolitan School District to maximize what works and explore possibilities to achieve even better results.
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District Wide Support

Every school, every student.

The Foundation works to ensure that every student reaches their full potential, every educator feels supported and every school community is thriving.

Community Engagement through Adopt-a-School Partnerships

Through this program, Madison’s public schools are “adopted” by a local business, organization, or government agency, forming mutually enriching partnerships.

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NeuGen and Nuestro Mundo stayed connected during COVID-19

“Our first year and in years past, students and their pen pals used one journal to write letters back and forth in. They would share photos and drawings inside as well. This year with the pandemic, we have been continuing the pen pal project via email.  NeuGen members have also joined us for two Zoom meetings to surprise their 3rd grade pen pals. We have made break-out rooms for them to be able to chat 1-on-1, play games, and share stories with one another. When it’s time to open their email to see if their pen pal has written, you can hear shrieks of joy and excitement from the students.”

                                — Maestra Sarah Joleen, 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher, Nuestro Mundo Community School


“I have had the opportunity to participate in the pen pal program for the last three years.  It is a gift to write to our student, witness how they are growing in their education, enjoy the excitement of youth,  and learn about the things that motivate and interest them.  Though the pen pal program has needed to change in the last year, it still promotes much excitement within NeuGen and Nuestro Mundo.”                                           

                                                                                     — Kelli Outhouse, NeuGen Employee Volunteer

Why I Give

When I began as a principal in the district, a representative from the Foundation and I had the opportunity to meet. Her warm welcome coupled with the selfless mission of the organization inspired me to get involved initially. I was then able to see the meaningful contributions the Foundation makes to our schools each and every day, which inspired me to continue my support.


We support the Foundation because we believe in public education. We strongly believe that the public school system is a bedrock community institution that provides opportunity for all children. Through the Foundation’s financial support, many innovative projects that enhance the educational experience of Madison children have begun and been sustained over the years.


As a strong believer in the public school system, I’m convinced that a strong preK-12 program is the way to ensure equitable opportunity for all. The Foundation’s enthusiastic attitude supports promising educational practices and exemplifies philanthropic leadership. It’s a phenomenal ally and advocate of Madison’s schools, and as a high-caliber, well-managed organization, it is richly deserving of our support.