Have you seen our billboards around town?

Our heartfelt THANKS to our friends at Adams Collaborate!
Meet our Superstar Scholars & learn more, below.

Our “Schools Make Madison” billboard series helps us celebrate

  • The talent and potential of 27,000 scholars and their families;
  • The dedicated work of thousands of district teachers and staff;
  • Our joyful role as the key philanthropic partner for MMSD.

We are also  a community with schools, students and families in need.
That’s why the Foundation is here as a philanthropic partner.

Meet our Superstar Scholars!


Isaac will start first grade this fall! Some of his favorites include soccer, karate and Pokemon! Isaac likes to learn through playing, and is a very considerate big brother to his younger brother, Ethan. We were so happy to meet Isaac and his family as part of this project!
To help champion Isaac’s educational journey and school community, get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Isaac’s billboard can be found at 1801 Commercial Avenue.


Blue has been part of the Madison public schools for all 12 years of his primary education – starting at Lindbergh Elementary School, moving to Blackhawk Middle School, East High School, and then graduating from Shabazz City High School in June 2018 – Congrats, Blue!!

Blue’s billboard is located at 3703 Milwaukee Street, by Woodmans!

Blue graciously shared details on his experience in Madison Schools…

“Overall my experience was positive; I had enthusiastic teachers, great friends, and a wonderful support network. As I got into middle school, then high school, I began to struggle with my identity. From 6th to 8th grade I went to almost every meeting of the Blackhawk Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), which was run by our social worker at the time, Sherie Hohs. During these meetings we would learn about different identities within the LGBTQIA+ community, share our own experiences, talk about current events, and best of all, eat doughnuts. It was an incredibly safe, informative, and positive space for me to explore my identity and find others who were going through similar things. This gave me the confidence to start sharing my story with larger audiences. (Read more about that here). When I talk to and teach people from many backgrounds in MMSD (parents, teachers, nurses, support staff, peers, etc.) I am proud to know that I am making a real difference in the way that younger LGBTQIA+ students will experience school. It gives me hope for the safe, supportive, and affirming schools we are creating.”  We are super proud of you too, Blue!

Join Blue as a strong advocate for equity and voice in our public schools! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!


Afou will start second grade this fall in Madison public schools. Afou doesn’t sit quietly for long – he may not like everything about school, but when we met him he was continuously exploring, asking, and learning. Afou likes robots, superheros and action figures. He does great impressions of spiderman crawling up walls. Thanks for being our superhero, Afou!

Be a Superhero for Schools, like Afou! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Afou’s billboard will be installed soon!


Krishna will start 4th grade this fall! Krishna’s favorite parts of school are Social Studies and On-Your-Own Reading. Krishna works energetically on being an ally for public schools as well – which is great, especially considering that Mom works as a principal! Krishna is immensely positive, but lists as a strong dislike: Having to get up at 6am for school! Friends at the Foundation and at Adams Outdoor can verify: Krishna can dab, floss and dance like nobody’s business.

Join Krishna in advocating for our schools! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Krishna’s billboard can be found at the intersection of Nelson and Reiner Roads.


Madeline is in high school and has worked with fellow students, Blue and Carlos, around education and advocacy around the LGBTQIA+ community.

Madeline’s positive energy is contagious – it was hard to stop laughing long enough to grab some pictures for this billboard! Thanks, Madeline!

Madeline’s got a great future ahead! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Madeline’s billboard can be found at 4702 E. Broadway, staring Sept. 3rd!


Mya is a rising first grader who can be a little shy at times but has lots of personality! Her close connection to her mom, Krystal, and Krystal’s engagement in Mya’s educational experience demonstrate the importance of engaging families positively as key parts of a school community. We look forward to watching Mya’s growth in the years to come, and the growth of all our students and families in the Madison Metropolitan School District!

Help scholars like Mya grow and flourish in our community! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Mya’s billboard will be installed soon!


Joseph is often called the “Mayor of the VA” – and his smile and outgoing personality makes it clear why. He works in Wheelchair Services/Transportation at the medical center, serving patients and departments throughout the hospital. Joseph really enjoys interacting with the veterans and hearing their stories while doing his duties.

Joseph was a participant in MMSD’s Project Search – a high school transition program for students with disabilities, ages 18-21. The program provided vocational training and education and helped Joseph land a great job with the VA! As part of the program, Joseph worked as an advocate for himself and fellow Project Search interns – pushing for positive recognition as contributing members to the workplace community just like everyone else.

We had a great time getting to know Joseph during this photo shoot – it’s easy to tell why he’s the “Mayor”! Thanks, Joseph!

Join Joseph as a strong advocate for equity in schools! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Joseph’s billboard can be found at 1525 US 51 near E. Washington.


Carlos recently finished high school and has worked with fellow students, Blue and Madeline, around education and advocacy around the LGBTQIA+ community.

These three are a powerful force of positive energy – as individuals and as a team! We are so proud of the voice, eloquence and hard work they have contributed to their journey through Madison Public Schools!

Join Carlos in raising your voice for schools! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Carlos’ billboard will be installed soon!


Muhima will be in 4th grade this fall, and is one of the nicest rising 4th-graders you could meet! She likes creating art, and being active. Her confidence and intelligence shine through in even the shortest of conversations with her. Thanks for being part of our billboard project, Muhima!

Channel Muhima’s positive energy for Madison Public Schools! Get involved with the Foundation and its work with schools!

Thank you, Adams Collaborate!

How did these wonderful billboards come to be? The generosity of the Adams Collaborate Program!

This program, launched in 2016, offers support to our community by partnering with local non-profit organizations to create strategic outdoor advertising campaigns, free of charge. We are thrilled to be chosen as an Adams Collaborate candidate organization this year, as this is a fantastic opportunity for our Foundation to share positive messages and stories from across the Madison Metropolitan School District that connect our school communities to the larger Madison community.

To date, more than 5 million dollars in advertising campaigns have been provided to local non-profit organizations by the Adams Collaborate program. Partner organizations work closely with experts at Adams to develop campaign ideas, tour the facility and refine a campaign valued at over $250,000 that showcases mission and message. We at the Foundation could not be more grateful for this partnership. It helps us celebrate our amazing schools and provided a chance to meet wonderful partners and amazing students and families from our public schools!

We can’t do it without partners like Adams Outdoor.  And YOU!

Afou and Muhima at the Adams Outdoor studios. Thank you so much, Adams Collaborate!