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We are a school of many races and cultures. The Hawthorne School community respects all of its members. We, as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, European-Americans, Hispanic/Latino-Americans, Native Americans and others, contribute our knowledge and experience to strengthen the community as a whole.

We foster acceptance of all cultures. We strive to provide a vision of a multi-cultural community. Hawthorne parents feel connected to the school, and the principal and staff are accessible to parents. Learning at Hawthorne is considered a partnership. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s program. Parents, students, and teachers work together to set learning goals for the year. Parents can also volunteer in our classrooms and lend their time and talents to support learning in many ways.

What Makes Hawthorne Unique:

  • Working with the UW Center for Biology Education and Edgewood College, fourth and fifth-grade students conduct original scientific research and study the culture of science.
  • Disney Musicals in Schools site
  • K-3 classes are kept at 15 or fewer students. Average class size for grades 4 & 5 is 24.
  • Average school attendance exceeds the district average of 94% and is one of the highest elementary attendance rates in the district.



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Hawthorne Elementary
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When I began as a principal in the district, a representative from the Foundation and I had the opportunity to meet. Her warm welcome coupled with the selfless mission of the organization inspired me to get involved initially. I was then able to see the meaningful contributions the Foundation makes to our schools each and every day, which inspired me to continue my support.


We support the Foundation because we believe in public education. We strongly believe that the public school system is a bedrock community institution that provides opportunity for all children. Through the Foundation’s financial support, many innovative projects that enhance the educational experience of Madison children have begun and been sustained over the years.


As a strong believer in the public school system, I’m convinced that a strong preK-12 program is the way to ensure equitable opportunity for all. The Foundation’s enthusiastic attitude supports promising educational practices and exemplifies philanthropic leadership. It’s a phenomenal ally and advocate of Madison’s schools, and as a high-caliber, well-managed organization, it is richly deserving of our support.