The Foundation maintains endowments for each of Madison’s fifty public schools. Annual income from the endowments is used to support projects and programs not otherwise funded through the core school budget. Decisions about programs to fund are made at the school level by a committee who understands the school’s needs. Each fall, every school has the opportunity to use their endowments funds in new ways, providing students and educators with the tools necessary for success.

When established in 2004, the Foundation’s School Endowment program was unique to Madison. The endowments were made possible thanks to the generosity of John Taylor, who through his Clay-Price Fund, offered challenge grants of $5,000 to each Madison public school upon raising $5,000 to establish their school’s endowment.

Endowment-funded School Projects

Badger Rock Middle School acquired the Headrush program to support their project based learning framework. The program was used to create collaborative templates, streamline student work, and provide seamless feedback from teachers. This simplification of learning tasks sharply reduced confusion and time spent searching by students, families, and staff. Going forward, Badger Rock plans to refine their use of Headrush by incorporating more student directed learning into their projects. 

Huegel Elementary School expanded their student sensory room equipment, adding a climbing structure, yoga mats, pedal exercises, kinetic sand and mini-trampolines. This new equipment was helpful in re-engagement of students when they transitioned from virtual back to in-person learning.

Shabazz High School students worked with a panel of northside community members to create original paintings to fill the many window panels of a closed Jiffy Lube. This project enabled Shabazz to connect the school to the surrounding neighborhood and filled an unused public space with beautiful, unique, and creative public artwork.