The Foundation’s grant programs allow educators to implement creative programs they feel are in their students’ best interest, giving them the tools they need for success. The Foundation has awarded grants every year since its creation to fund creative and innovative programs that are not otherwise supported through the core school budget. With two grant cycles, the Foundation provides funds to all fifty Madison public schools to help students and educators reach their individual and unique academic goals.

Foundation for the Future Grants

The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools Board of Directors approved a 2018-2021 strategic plan this fall.  As a result, the Foundation board and committees are evaluating all practices and programs to ensure alignment with that strategic plan.  That evaluation scope also includes the Foundation for the Future Grants Program.  In order to allow the Foundation’s Grant Committee sufficient time to reconsider the future viability of that grants program, we will not offer a competitive application process during winter 2018.  The Grants Committee will actively seek input from MMSD teachers about current needs in order to identify potential new ways of supporting a greater number of teachers and maximizing the impact the Foundation has across the district.  The Foundation board and staff appreciate everyone’s patience as we reconsider and reposition our work for greater future success.


Trail to Success at Chavez Elementary School

Foundation for the Future Grant

The school-based support of individual school endowments is one of the first of its kind for a district our size across the country. Annual income supports programs and needs determined by the school community. Each year, every school has the opportunity to use their endowment funds in new ways, providing educators with the tools necessary for success.

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School Endowments

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Meet Melord: JMM Junior/Sound Editor

Melord is passionate about music and sound. Not uncommon for a high school junior. What is uncommon is that he has found a way to turn that passion into learning. And hopefully one day a career. In addition to being a full-time student at Madison Memorial High School, Melord is also a sound editor for local radio programs through the Youth on Air program at the Lussier Community Education Center.

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