From the very beginning of our existence the Foundation has been funding innovative programs and projects across the Madison Metropolitan School District.  In fact, in May 2001, our first year of grant-giving, we received 38 proposals totaling over $300,000 in requests. The Foundation was able to award $68,000 to support 11 proposals and ideas. Over the past 20 years, the Foundation has distributed nearly $7 million in grants for classroom projects and district initiatives. Our School Endowment program continues to provide annual investment income to each school for use at their discretion. 

Building on our history and tradition, and in the context of our 2018-2021 strategic plan, we are exploring new methods of providing resources to a greater number of teachers and staff.   

School Endowments


Our School Endowment program was conceptualized by John Taylor in 2004, making Madison Metropolitan School District the first in the nation with school-specific dedicated endowment funds.  Upon raising $5,000 each school then received a $5,000 match from John. As of December 31, 2020, the fair market value of the endowment funds was just over $2.8 million,  providing $102,000 collectively in 2021-22 to the schools for projects of their discretion.

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The Evjue Foundation


A legacy of public schools support… The Evjue Foundation — the charitable arm of The Capital Times — has sustained and supported the Foundation since our inception. Founded by the late William T. Evjue – the founder and longtime editor and publisher of the newspaper – the foundation has now contributed more than $60 million back to the community.  The Evjue Foundation’s breathtaking track record of generosity includes nearly $400,000 in grants to the Madison Public Schools Foundation.

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