A Principal Experience is the Foundation’s earliest program, debuting on March 23, 2004. Schools open their doors for community members to witness the work and relationships among staff and students. After 17 consecutive years and 1,000’s of participants, we have made the decision to take a hiatus in 2021, extending grace and time for our principals, educators and students to reconnect as a school community as the 2021-22 school year gets underway.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of the need to remain nimble, and to flex and adapt our programs and services in partnership with the district. This pause also gives us time to revisit the program’s goals and objectives, reimaging it’s future and relevance in serving the needs of the district.

What remains constant over our 20-year history is the Foundation’s commitment to supporting and enhancing the education of all 27,000 students in Madison’s 50 public schools. 

In 2020, we pivoted to host a virtual Principal Experience event in partnership with four of the district’s high schools.

Get Involved with Madison Schools through the Adopt-a-School Program

Over the 17-year Principal Experience history, many participants have gone on to become active partners in the Adopt-a-School program through their workplace or civic organization. 

Starting in 2005, this Foundation program pairs organizations with schools to form a mutually enriching partnership.

In 2020, our partners collectively provided over $800,000 in value to the schools through a combination of volunteer, monetary and in-kind support. 

Group Health Cooperative, an Adopt-a-School partner since 2005, collected and delivered supplies to one of their six partner schools, Frank Allis Elementary during the COVID-19 pandemic.