3/23/20 Urgent Advocacy Alert!

Read an urgent request from Wisconsin Public Education Network

The Foundation, along with our colleagues at Wisconsin Public Education Network are asking you to join us TODAY to help support public schools. Please see the Action Alert from WPEN, below: 

Tell Congress schools need at least $75 billion in Education Stabilization Fund!

Elected officials in Washington are negotiating a COVID-19 aid package today (3-23-20) and the amount of funding being discussed right now for public education is woefully inadequate.

in 2009, in the wake of the financial crisis a package of roughly $50 billion was provided to schools nationwide. The most recent discussions we are aware of would provide only $20 billion for public schools.

Preliminary estimates are that it will take at least $75 billion – if not more – to meet current needs for staffing, long term education, making sure school districts have money to retain (and hire) teachers, creating new educational infrastructure as needed to make sure all children have access to education and continue to provide school meals and meet needs of students (with counselors, school psychologists, etc).

Click here to see a sample letter to Senators and some helpful talking points from the Council of Great City Schools.

We know that other areas of the economy are asking for support. Given that education is a central pillar not only in the lives of our students but as part of the county’s economy, it is critical to prioritize this investment NOW.

Because negotiations are taking place NOW, the ask needs to be made today. As we get more information, we will provide it, but we are asking everyone reading this message to take 10 minutes right now to call lawmakers and ask them to invest at least $75 billion in the Education Stabilization Fund.

Contact info for Wisconsin Congresspeople:


1st       Bryan Steil                  (202) 225-3031          

2nd      Mark Pocan                (202) 225-2906          

3rd       Ron Kind                     (202) 225-5506          

4th       Gwen Moore              (202) 225-4572          

5th       Jim Sensenbrenner     (202) 225-5101          

6th       Glenn Grothman         (202) 225-2476          

7th       VACANT                       (202) 225-3365          

8th       Mike Gallagher           (202) 225-5665          


Tammy Baldwin          800-247-5645 or (202) 224-5653  Email Form

Ron Johnson               920-230-7250 or (202) 224-5323  Email Form

Thank you for taking quick action to support Wisconsin students and their public schools!

Visit Wisconsin Public Education Network online for more.

Why Advocacy?
27,000 Scholars | 50 Public Schools

The Foundation’s primary goals include fundraising for and promoting the Madison public schools. Advocacy is a key component of this. Raising awareness of the excellent things occurring in our public schools, as well as the need for additional ongoing public and private support from the community falls squarely in our mission. We encourage you to join us in advocating for Madison’s public schools by using the resources below.

Issues We’re Watching

As we countdown to 2020…
Two potential 2020 referenda would allow MMSD to take action on the most pressing projects in support of the District vision and to continue positive momentum. Learn how the referendum questions may affect you, and how you can get involved and support our public schools. 

Events & Opportunities

Contact Legislators today about Blue Ribbon Bills at October 3 Hearings

Two Blue Ribbon Commission Bills go before the Senate and Assembly Thursday, October 3rd. 

Click here for more info and easy steps to reach out to express your support for these bipartisan bills to help support our public schools!

Mark your calendar: GRUMPS Forum 10-29-19

Attend the next GRUMPS Forum (Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools)
Where: Christ Presbyterian Church – 944 E Gorham St –  Madison, WI 53703
When: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 – 11:30AM-1:00PM
Topic: 2020 Referendum(s)

Attention! June 25th: WPEN's March to Madison

Join the Wisconsin Public Education Network’s March to Madison. Our students deserve all the support they can get!

MMSD Referendum 2020 - Learn more here

2020 MMSD Referendum
The school district is potentially seeking up to $280 million through a fall 2020 referendum. Monies would cover facility and maintenance upgrades at each of the four main public high schools. Many of these improvements are long over due. Such funding would ensure school buildings and classrooms are functioning at the level necessary to meet the needs of all students.

District and elected officials want to hear your opinion! Share with them how you could benefit.

Madison Youth Savings Accounts (MYSA) - Learn more here.

Madison Youth Savings Account (MYSA)
In the summer of 2018, the City of Madison contracted with David Grace and Associates to examine the feasibility of launching a child savings account. This program would offer MMSD students, particularly those with lower incomes, the opportunity to enroll in a savings account dedicated to post high school educational plans. Grace’s study overwhelmingly supported the implementation of a MYSA. To date, the mayor has expressed interest in the program and the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce has included it in their 2019-2020 legislative agenda.

Use your voice, let the city know they can make a difference by investing in the future of our kids. 

Share with them how you could benefit.

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