Let’s make sure EVERY Madison Public School
is a place where every child can thrive. 

Two potential 2020 referenda would allow the Madison Metropolitan School District to take action on the most pressing projects in support of their academic vision and to continue the positive momentum as a district.

It takes engagement from the whole community to make our schools – and our Madison – great! We need YOU to stay tuned – right here! – for latest referendum news, context and calls to action.

We need YOU to help  Schools Make Madison.

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Read MMSD's "Halftime Report" on Referenda potential

Since September, MMSD has met with the community to hear what people think about the potential referenda, and presented a mid-process report (aka “halftime report”) to the Board of Education on Monday, November 11. The report included a preliminary analysis of feedback collected from 31 input sessions, 132 feedback forms, session notes, and participant comments and questions. 

Click to read the summary or the full report.

Read MMSD's "Final Report" on Referenda potential

Since September, MMSD has worked hard to gather community feedback on a potential 2020 referendum. District staff have processed the information and presented a final report to the Board of Education on Monday,  January 13. Their analysis is based on feedback received from nearly 1,000 participants at community input sessions and over 4,000 survey respondents. The Board of Education will review this report and hopes to vote by March on what referenda questions will be on the November ballot. 

Click to read their final presentation or full report

Explore the MMSD Referendum Web Pages

Click the image above to learn more about the needs of our public schools and detailed plans for improvements facilitated by potential referendum votes.

Further Updates on Community Input Sessions

Our Development Assistant, Sam Schneider, was thrilled to have participated in the GRUMPS forum on 10/29 regarding a potential Madison Metropolitan School District 2020 referendum. Read about his time as an “Honorary GRUMP” here.

Read the very latest!

See this article from The Cap Times highlighting how changing circumstances will impact the Board of Education’s vote on potential referenda questions.

Read up on district plans to incorporate more sustainability projects as part of the referendum in this article.

Hear Directly From Key District Staff On Their Proposed Plans

Referendum in the News

See earlier news on referendum in our community

“An elementary move for equity” – an op-ed published by the Isthmus.
This Cap Times piece shares early results from MMSD’s first phase of outreach sessions.
Learn about the initial community input sessions from this article by WKOW.

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We believe that Schools Make Madison

As a whole community, we have the wonderful opportunity to work together in support of our public schools. Here at the Foundation, we are pleased to be the “go-to” partner to the Madison Metropolitan School District, because we believe in the district’s potential to make every public school in Madison a place where every student can thrive. Join us in being part of a community who knows that Schools Make Madison!