MMSD Board of Education Approves 2020 Referendum Questions
Let’s make sure every Madison Public School is a place where every child thrives.

On July 13, 2020 the Board of Education approved two referendum questions for the Madison community to vote on in the November 3, 2020 election:  one for facilities and one for operating expenses.
The facilities referendum would include:

  • Renovations in MMSD’s four main high schools;
  • Capital maintenance;
  • A new location for Capital High School; and
  • A new elementary school in the Rimrock area.

The operating referendum would allow MMSD to:

  • Improve disparities in access to technology;
  • Attract and retain high quality staff; and
  • Address long-term equity issues while reducing the achievement gap.

WATCH: An introduction to MMSD’s 2020 Referendum Plans

Support Madison’s Public Schools!
It takes engagement from the whole community to make our schools – and our
community – great! We
encourage you to support both referendum questions!

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Vote Yes 2 Invest 

The Vote Yes 2 Invest Campaign is a coalition of community and business leaders, local families, educators
and education advocates, working in support of the MMSD
2020 referenda. The campaign is powered by Schools Make Madison Advocacy, Inc., an affiliate of the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools.

Schools Make Madison

As a whole community, we have the wonderful opportunity to work together in support of our public schools. Here at the Foundation, we are pleased to be the “go-to” partner to the Madison Metropolitan School District, because we believe in the district’s potential to make every public school in Madison a place where every student thrives. Join us in support of these critical referendum questions, and stay up to date on the latest news, using the resources on this page.

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