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We are Proud to Showcase These Top Stories from 2019

Building Together At Whitehorse

Sometimes, it takes a little teamwork to start the school year off right! As the Whitehorse Middle School community headed back to school, Adopt-a-School partners, WEA Member Benefits and The Optimist Club of Downtown Madison, along with the Foundation, shifted into high gear to support a winning welcome back for scholars and staff.

WEA Member benefits designed t-shirts for Whitehorse staff to wear to the all-MMSD Staff Rally and throughout the school year. The Optimists donated $25 Target gift cards to all 55 Whitehorse instructional staff members. And the Foundation kicked in for a staff appreciation luncheon. The Optimists also arranged for Whitehorse to be among the first recipients of a generous donation of kids’ magazines from MagLiteracy. These wonderful partners “have helped us to set the tone for what Whitehorse will become,” notes assistant principal, Priscilla Watson. “We plan to continue to build together and are fortunate to have our community partners invested in this work alongside us. United We Stand: Together We Build.”

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Mini-Grants Get the Year Going!

​To kick of the 2019-20 School year, the Foundation awarded $5,000 in mini grants to novel initiatives in schools across the district. These infusions helped schools get a leg up on starting the year off right. Grantees include:

Allis Elementary School

$1,000 Mini-Grant in support of the Health Office/Wellness Center, a safe place where kids can access healthy snacks, obtain supplies like lice kits, and tools to regulate behaviors.

Glendale Elementary School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of Indoor Recess equipment such as board games, card games, well-organized bins filled with crafts.

Toki Middle School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of the Clothing Closet for items such as leggings, athletic shorts, hair bands, headbands for hair, athletic socks, folders.

Emerson Elementary School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of purchasing a Whiteboard and related supplies for the classroom of a beginning teacher.

Lincoln Elementary School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of basic classroom supplies for students and teachers and/or “welcome back” t-shirts for staff.

Huegel Elementary School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of sensory paths for our hallway floors.

Orchard Ridge Elementary School

$500 Mini-Grant in support of new books for classrooms with diverse subject matter and texts.

Wildcat Wellness Celebrations

“Dyllon is certainly the most excited Allis scholar to experience the ‘Cat Cart’ yet,” notes Frank Allis Elementary School Nurse, Becky. “He saw the birthday cart coming, stood up, pumped his fist in the air, and clapped the entire time his classmates sang Happy Birthday to him. Then, he promptly RAN to pick a gift off the cart.”

As we launched the 2019-20 school year, the Foundation awarded $5,000 in mini-grants to fund novel initiatives in our school communities. One such grantee program is the Allis Elementary Wildcat Wellness Center. The center, Nurse Becky and the Cat Cart help foster student wellness and equity by celebrating each child’s birthday (or half birthday) in school with healthy, non-food treats. The cart roams the school each morning, visiting students in their classrooms on their special day. For 5th grader Dyllon, that meant new Allis gear, because, said Nurse Becky, “he is FULL of school spirit. He wanted to wear it right then, he couldn’t wait!”

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Adopt-a-School Super Partner!

Dr. Pamela Wilson, a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, has served as an Adopt-a-School partner to both Thoreau Elementary and Cherokee Heights Middle Schools. For both schools, Dr. Wilson is a driving force: recruiting volunteers, raising money and promoting opportunities through the church’s newsletter. With fellow parishioners, Dr. Wilson raised $17,470 to support a multiyear summer reading program for Thoreau students. But Dr. Wilson isn’t taking any time to rest. Why? “Because the need is so great.”

She’s already busy at work on 2020 efforts to assist her adopted schools, including mobilizing critical support for Cherokee’s Food Pantry, which will make a full Thanksgiving meal possible for many families this season. Thoreau Elementary and Cherokee Heights Middle Schools are profoundly grateful to Dr. Wilson for so skillfully and meaningfully shepherding their Adopt-a-School partnerships with Westminster Presbyterian Church.

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